Campers, Motorhomes, Off-Road Special Vehicles,
Electric Boats and Conversion Kits, Minibuses 21 Seats and Full 33 seat Buses  

Participating at the BUDAPEST, Hungexpo, FEHOVA Exhibition, FEb.17-20, 2022

Aside for the Human Medical Testing like COVIV or Hepatitis, TB and others, we have also well prepared for Veterinarian Epidemics like H1N1, H5, TB, Hepatitis, FMD Foot and Mouth Disease, Bovine TB, Antrax, on site diagnosis and confirmation, as well as full information on our FOOD SAFETY TESTING MOBILE LABS see us at

For more information please contact Mr.Theo Basch at theo dot orsys at gmail dot com or theo dot orsys at
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